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What training materials do you need in the base?

What training materials do you need in the base?

Zoomers & Trainingfins

Use zoomers / fins to build your overall strength and increase endurance in your legs. Finnish make it easier for you to perform the upward kick well; you improve your technique because you experience the right movement much better. Zoomers help improve flexibility in your ankles. Zoomers also improve your posture, which benefits your technique. 


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The pullboy is an excellent tool to help all levels of swimming improve the swimming technique and strength. With correct and regular use, the pullboy can build up strength and you are constantly aware of your battle and technique. You can use the pullboy in different ways! For example between the upper legs, but also between the ankles or in the hands.

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Hand Paddles

Hand Paddles are made to improve the technique of your arms / hands. With the correct insertion of the hand, you will feel the right resistance with which you can improve your technique and strength. Hand paddles come in various shapes and sizes. Good to know; the size has nothing to do with the size of your hand, but with the amount of resistance that a hand paddle offers. If you choose size L, it will offer more resistance than a size S.

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Whether you have just started swimming or are the training partner of Ranomi Kromowidjojo, a kickboard can improve your training. In combination with other materials such as zoomers, pullboys and swimming goggles you can use the kickboard as part of a complete cardiovascular training. Really all types of swimmers (regardless of age and / or history) benefit from kickboards to isolate leg movements, stay streamlined and take a breather during a long workout.

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Swimming goggles

It goes without saying that swimming goggles give you a better view under water. Better yet; the glasses protect your eyes against irritation! That way you can continue to swim unhindered with a good focus under water. Wearing the right swimming goggles can make a difference during your training. In addition to the fact that your eyes do not experience any irritation, the swimming goggles also offer you the opportunity to view a specific stroke under water. Visit our website to discover what to look for when you buy swimming goggles.


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Swimming bag

A good swimming bag is needed to take all your things with you. Now there are of course the regular swim bags, but have you ever heard of the mesh bag? The mesh bag is ideal for putting in all your training equipment and taking it to the swimming room! After your training you put all wet materials in your mesh bag and you're good to go. The mesh fabric ensures good drainage and ventilation, so that the swimming accessories dry quickly.


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