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Gratis verzending vanaf 30 euro.
Low waist swimwear

Low waist swimwear

What is a low waist?

A Low Waist, also called 14 cm briefs, is a swimsuit model that sits between a swim slip and a boxer. The Low waist gives the freedom of movement of a swim slip and the comfort of a swim boxer. You can see this well in for example this swimsuit. The Low waists are perfect for swimming training, but you can of course also swim during a recreational day or put on a nice beach day.

What is the difference with other swimwear models?

Low waist says it all; low waist. The sides of a Low waist are considerably wider than with normal swim briefs. The Low waist therefore gives a bit more coverage than a swim slip, but because the lowwaist has a leg cut in the groin, your legs have the freedom of movement that you are used to from a swim slip. You can see that well at this low waist from Speedo.

What are the advantages

  • Optimal freedom of movement
  • Flexible fabric
  • Slightly more compression on the hips because there is more dust

What are the disadvantages

  • The sizes often go up to size D5 (Medium)

Which types of swimmers wear a low waist?

Low waist swimming trunks are generally worn by fanatic swimmers. The Low waist is a favorite model to wear while swimming (for a competition). The Low waist is also seen during recreational swimming.

Which brands of Low waist are available

Zwemmershop offers Low waists from the Speedo, Arena and Funky Trunks brands. Are you curious about our collection of Low waists? Then take a look at this page

You can also visit our store in Amsterdam. For current opening times, click here !


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